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Swing fire gates and their features

by realapartment

Surely you heard that fire gates are used on a large number of different enterprises, warehouses and parking lots. This type of gate was created so that in the event of a fire of one part of the room, the rest of the area does not suffer, respectively, irreparable losses do not occur.

Also, the advantages of these gates are the improved possibilities of evacuating enterprise employees. Depending on the quality of fire resistance of the gate data, it is possible to take an instant withdrawal of workers, as well as the removal of expensive products or things in a period of 30 minutes – 2 hours.

The door leaf of the fire gate is usually made using two sheets of metal (they are stamped) in a thickness of about 1.5 mm. This canvas inside is filled with special fire -resistant mineral wool, its density is approximately 180 kg/m3. The canvas is also filled with a plate made of drywall. Painting is carried out using powder paint.

The door box has an angular shape, it is created from a special bent profile created from a steel sheet. The thickness of this sheet is 2 mm. Painting is also carried out using powder paint. The box includes mounting holes and anchor plates. Its set also includes a rubber seal and a swelling tape.

The fire resistance limit is divided into the following types:

• EI 30 (hold the fire for 30 minutes);

• EI 60 (hold the fire for 1 hour);

• EI 120 (hold the fire for 2 hours).

In width, firewall swing gates reach 208 centimeters to 1000 centimeters. The height can be from 204 centimeters to 1000 centimeters.

In terms of disclosure, the angle of data of the gate is 180 degrees. These gates have the ability to open both on the right and left.

It is worth noting that if you want to order the installation of these fire -resistant gates, then you should know their complete configuration.

So, the configuration of firewall swings includes:

one. Door leaf (its thickness can be 10.2 centimeters);

2. Cylinder with 3 keys;

3. Corner metal box;

four. Loops (minimum number – 3 pieces);

5. Fire castle that crashes into the gate;

6. Handles created from thermoplastics and having a core made of steel;

7. Swollen refractory tape;

eight. Set of mounting tools;

9. Rubber seal made;

ten. Sping (only 1 piece);

eleven. Spinging tools;

Having studied the whole kit, you can start making your life safer.

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