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Ventilation for the boiler room: how much it is necessary

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When asked how the boiler ventilation system is needed, it is worth immediately answering that it is definitely necessary. First of all, ventilation is necessary for the safe operation of equipment, which is located in the boiler room. Thanks to ventilation, accumulations of hazardous combustion products do not accumulate in the room.

Boiler room ventilation requirements

The lack of ventilation in such a dangerous zone as a boiler room can lead to terrible consequences. After all, ventilation provides the necessary supply of air, which should be three times more than for the usual operation of the boiler. If the ventilation is less than this is supposed, then the risk of accumulation of fuel products increases, which is fraught with explosiveness.

Curlier gas, which can also quickly accumulate in huge quantities and absorb all the oxygen, affects a person rather destructively, and can lead to death for several sighs. That is why ventilation in the boiler room is so important.

According to the existing requirements in the boiler room, there should be an air content three times more, provided that the ceiling height of 6 meters. If the dimensions of the room are different, then it is necessary to independently calculate the adjustment that is necessary for safe operation.

It is also worth paying attention to the speed of air through the air supply, which should not be less than 1 meter per second.

Before proceeding with the choice of ventilation schemes, it is worth considering the simplest options that may be quite suitable for. For ventilation of a boiler room of a small private house, natural ventilation may well be suitable. If this option is categorically unacceptable, then it is necessary to install an exhaust channel. There is an option to use a combined circuit when ventilation will only work when the work of the boiler room is launched.

If your boiler works on gas, then you should more carefully consider the characteristics of the fan that relate to explosive safety.

To calculate the productivity of ventilation in the boiler room, it is necessary to obtain certain data from the height of the room, its area (on the basis of which the need for air will be calculated), and also to take into account the power of the boiler itself. Thanks to the data received, you can independently calculate the necessary ventilation level.

Thanks to this article, it becomes clear that the use of the ventilation system in the boiler room is not only necessary, and this is an important criterion for its normal functioning.

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