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What to look for when viewing an apartment?

by realapartment

When buying a new apartment, even regardless of where it is located – in an old house or in a new building, you need to seriously approach the inspection. To begin with, it is worth visiting the building in which the proposed housing is located and seeing the surroundings. Someone doesn’t care, but someone is not at all satisfied with living surrounded by old dilapidated slums. Someone brings food from the center, but for someone it is important that there is a decent store nearby. If the family has children, then, for sure, it will be interested in the proximity to school and kindergarten. And for pet lovers, a positive thing would be the presence of a walking yard or wasteland nearby. After the first meeting, interest may immediately disappear. But, if he has not disappeared, then it is worth getting to know the future housing better.

Next, you should find out where the windows of the apartment go, if on the street, then how heavy the traffic is on it. After all, if there is a busy roadway nearby, then future residents will only dream of peace. If the windows overlook the courtyard, then for many the relative remoteness of the playground will be of interest. Otherwise, the noise will be heard indoors all daylight hours. For car owners, the availability of parking and its protection is relevant, and perhaps there is a garage in the house. All this you need to find out when visiting a property. On this external examination can be completed.

What to look for inside? First of all, on the roof. No, slowly, it most likely does not flow, but it can have damage that can lead to flooding of the apartment, especially if this apartment is on the top floor. Do not ignore the drain. You need to find out where water is leaving it.

No wonder there is an expression “your walls”. When buying housing, you need to treat them just as your own, and, therefore, in a friendly way to inspect their painting, check for the presence of cracks. You cannot ignore the balconies and loggias. Be sure to evaluate their condition, see if they are insulated, how finished.

Windows – eyes at home. Bad eyes are weak visibility. Bad windows are not only a decrease in the illumination of the apartment, but also drafts in it. If double -glazed windows are in the windows of the future apartment, then it is worthwhile to make sure of their complete service, as well as the absence of condensate between glasses. If the windows are wooden, then it is necessary to check the condition of the wood, not only from the inside, but also from the outside. In any case, the window locks must be serviceable. The better the condition of the housing, the less investments it will require in the future.

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