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Why is pool maintenance necessary?

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Pool maintenance implies not only its cleaning and periodic water filtration, but also permanent repairs, because the conditions of the Russian climate..Maintenance of the pool implies not only its cleaning and periodic filtration of water, but also constant repair, because the conditions of the Russian climate in many ways create an incredibly dangerous environment for such structural floors. The basin is influenced by several factors at once, but they all have a common climatic nature.

Firstly, the artificial reservoir is affected by the internal movement and activity of the soil, which is caused by the change of seasons and a sharp temperature drop. As a result of the damage, the underground casing of the foundation receives, which is responsible for the overall stability and weight balance of the structure.

Secondly, a strong temperature spread and resonance strikes the outer surface of the tank, which begins to crack and lose its attractive appearance. It is interesting to note that the specialists of the city of Sterlitamak recommend in such a situation to install and develop exclusively square and corner pools, while avoiding oval and rounded shapes. The fact is that repairing oval American prototypes is incredibly difficult, since they often begin to simply fail and lose their frame integrity. It will be much easier to strengthen the corner tank, because here you can rebuild any corner even with the help of bricks or reinforced concrete elements.

The most profitable solution for saving the integrity of the artificial reservoir, according to construction companies of the city of Novorossiysk, will be a full water descent in the autumn and a full stop of the basin work until the last spring months. The fact is that water begins to freely freeze, which in turn to increase the weight load and pressure on the construction of the foundation, as well as create an ideal microflora for the appearance and development of corrosion. It is important to note that after draining the water, all holes and tap compounds must be isolated qualitatively from all possible sides. The fact is that otherwise, dirt will be packed in them, which will be impossible to clean, in fact, the entire water supply will be packed with earth and sewage, which are formed due to melt water. And if all the plumbing of the reservoir is located underground, then its dismantling will lead to a full reconstruction of the entire individual park or personal plot.

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