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Windows: aspects of choice and care rules

by realapartment

A few centuries ago, large windows for ordinary residents of the city and village were luxury, as they let too much fresh air into the room, thereby violating the heat, which in turn guaranteed protection against colds. The windows for the winter were qualified, hidden by shutters to maintain heat in the room. Today we are deprived of the need to escape from the wind in this way, high -quality windows – a real decoration of the room, a guarantor of sufficient arrival of sunlight in our homes and apartments. Planning repairs and do not know which products to give preference?

Two main options are available on the market – wooden and PVC products, various variations differ slightly. Wooden products have one advantage – a tree, being natural material, does not emit toxins. But only on condition of proper processing and refusal to cover with paintwork products. The plastic is reliable, durable, inexpensively in installation and maintenance, non -toxic subject to compliance with the rules in production. We decided to choose PVC windows? Great choice, you will protect yourself from the need to paint, warm, process from parasites of the wall guards of your housing.

How to choose the option suitable for you?

Decide on sound insulation requirements. If the windows go to an active street, the best solution is a three -chamber double -glazed window. If the birds chirped outside the window and only the crowns of trees are noisy, only a two -cocker. As for the number of cameras in the profile, much depends on your climatic zone. Two cameras are enough for Crimea, it is wiser to give preference to a more expensive option in Siberia – five -taped profiles that reliably block cold air entering the room.

Color. Does it matter? It has if you prefer the extraordinary design of the premises. In fact, the laminated side of the profile can have any shade you need, it is only important to find a manufacturer that produces color that is different from white.

Reviews from the manufacturer. Read or not read? You should certainly get acquainted with the information that is easy to find on the network. Expert reviews are the best landmark, they will not lie about the strengths and weaknesses that every company certainly has. It will be easier if you entrust the installation of a company whose customers have previously become your friends. If the company provides integrated services and immediately install window sills and slopes, then you will speed up the repair process for yourself.

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